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The Twelve Days After Christmas.

it occurred to me: has anyone, in fact, put up an Albert Einstein/flying pig mashup? is this a thing? Continue reading

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Two more vids on YouTube

Exactly what the title says. Here’s another Scientology Christmas spoof, and then the old jazz favorite I recorded while uploading it. First the spoofage: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like R-6 and then the jazz: Autumn Leaves Enjoy.

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The Eight Reasons I’m Grateful for the Ex-Scientologists in my Life

  Back in nineteeninetyneveryoumind, I was involved with a small group of mixed-up weirdos and assorted head cases. We called ourselves a “Magick Order,[i]” and our leader, who claimed to be the incarnation of Crowley’s Holy Guardian Angel, was going … Continue reading

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Twelve Days of Christmas

Warning: shameless self-promotion (yeah, rolling in the cash. Uh-huh). Anyhoo, if you’re in the need for an old-fashioned feel with a surreal flair, you’ve come to the right place. We got your swans swimming, your geese laying, and other assorted … Continue reading

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A Holiday Greeting for All of Us

As tomorrow is my religion’s winter holiday, I thought I’d put this ol’ piece of holiday doggerel up.   P.S. to my Muslim friends: yes, I know Ramadan’s not until mid-June, but I needed it for the rhyme, and it … Continue reading

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Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion (Yuletide edition)

So, after a few years, I decided to edit my Twelve Days of Christmas cards (which mebbe garner me about 6 bucks a year on zazzle.com) and re-furbish the ol’ zazzle store. The old cards were not exactly to scale, … Continue reading

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He’s single, girls!

A friend of mine is out in the dating scene after a long time. Here’s his profile:   Hey, guys!!! show that you’re all Santa inside! you’ll be sure to catch the eye of your special Ms. Claus (or Mr. … Continue reading

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