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Backyard Blog #2 – Remembering Old Friends


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The Twelve Days After Christmas.

it occurred to me: has anyone, in fact, put up an Albert Einstein/flying pig mashup? is this a thing? Continue reading

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Tom Lehrer and Birdland

So here’s two more songs up on YouTube. First, Tom Lehrer’s classic “Christmas Carol,” celebrating the spirit of Christmas as it is observed here in the United States.   And then here’s an old fave of mine, “Lullaby of Birdland,” … Continue reading

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Two more vids on YouTube

Exactly what the title says. Here’s another Scientology Christmas spoof, and then theĀ old jazz favorite I recorded while uploading it. First the spoofage: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like R-6 and then the jazz: Autumn Leaves Enjoy.

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Birthday Blues

For some reason I didn’t realize that the blanket on the couch was the camouflage one until after I finished taping – it sounded so good, I decided I could deal with being invisible for just the one vid!

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It’s one of those ‘You Don’t Know How I Feel’ songs. Because codependent makes for kickass lyrics, kids – a songwriting tip from your Auntie Spike: the more unhealthy the relationship, the better the song.

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Where is the truth for Kyle Brennan?

I do not have children, so I can never know the terrible loss that comes from losing a child; I can only imagine the pain and sense of wrongness, even if such a death came from disease, or an honest … Continue reading

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