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Completion and Struggle

Well, I just got back from vacation, and here’s two more cards.                   I just have to say: The State of Vermont has the finest State Park system in the world. For … Continue reading

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I’ll take ‘People Who Deserve A Standing Ovation in the Theater of Life” for ten thousand, Alex.

Don’t be fooled by the semi-comic title of this post; in fact, this one’s going to be quite serious. This is my hundredth post, so I wanted to do something special; I had no idea what, but I knew it … Continue reading

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How wet is it?

…. so I ‘ll tell ya how wet it’s been in my little corner of the planet. It’s so wet I just spent half an hour working on this when I should have been finishing my caterpillar. But, I was … Continue reading

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Tidal Pools and a Good Man

As of last June, I’ve been married for 10 years now. The man I married is a kind, gentle, warm-hearted and generous soul, a good friend with whom I have much in common. One of things we have in common … Continue reading

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