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The Things You Find When Cleaning Out Your Hard Drive!

A/N: This is an old piece that I’d honestly forgotten I still had stashed away in the depths of my hard drive. I wrote this back in 1997, just a few weeks after the Heaven’s Gate suicides, and maybe a … Continue reading

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What Every Ex-(and Current-)$cientologist Should Know

Most people who read this blog know how I feel about Scientology, but why I feel I do perhaps bears a bit of repeating here. Ages ago, back in nineteen-ninety neveryoumind, I was in what could only be termed a … Continue reading

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Happy 2015! Two New Songs up on YouTube!

I thought I’d spend my quiet New Years’ Eve with the parakeets recording a couple songs to put up on YouTube. First, I thought I’d do a re-take of Precious Child, in a more manageable key this time (I’m no … Continue reading

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Spike’s (slightly) Less Snarky Explanation of Tarot

The following is a chopped version of my earlier post “How Tarot Works,” designed to be less snarky and more direct to how Tarot works. If you want the full-on snark, it’s still available here. Sorry for the semi-repost, but … Continue reading

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How Tarot Really Works – and it’s not what you think

As some of you know, I’m currently writing a¬†book on Tarot. Here is an excerpt from the introduction, where I slay a few sacred cows in the name of Rationality, rant about how credulous¬†some people can be, and explain why … Continue reading

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Mosquitoes go home!!!

So a quick word on my workspace: we have this teensy tiny lil’ back porch at our place, and, in order to give our parakeet, Doctor Who, a bit of fresh air, I’ve erected a screen porch and we sit … Continue reading

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This Post Has Nothing To Do With Vanna White

Yep, that’s right, Tarot fans, I’m up to number ten, the Wheel, sometimes called the Wheel of Fortune. I’m still working on the font and layer style for the title and number.   EDIT: My complete edits so far are … Continue reading

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