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The Scandal of Ex-Scientology

You can take the person out of Scientology, but getting the Scientology out of the person is, apparently, a tougher order. Continue reading

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S.P. Woodstock Interlude – The Basset Hound Howls

[so for various reasons, I’m not able to present my day-to-day re-hash of S.P. Woodstock as planned just yet – I’m working on it, really. In any case, that means you can go and check out what’s new on Huffington, or … Continue reading

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That’s what they say…

Lies, lies, damnable lies! For years I’ve believed what everyone told me, because everybody told me so, and it didn’t seem all that illogical, not that I thought about it much. But then, a random happenstance tore the veil of … Continue reading

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