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Jeff Goldblum as ‘The Fly’

A friend of mine and I were discussing teleportation, and he said he wouldn’t want to travel that way because he knew he’d end up looking like Jeff Goldblum in ‘The Fly.’ I’ve never seen either version of the SciFi … Continue reading

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The Xenu Window – and a Plea For Help

Okay, so we know that I tend to get carried away. I’m still not sure why I started the project; I just felt that a bloodstained “faux” religion needed a “faux” stained glass window. In any case, before I knew it, … Continue reading

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Spike’s Backyard Video Blog

I think it was someone at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker who told me I “totally had” to do this. Whoever you are, you know who you are. And this is totally your fault.

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The Twelve Days After Christmas.

it occurred to me: has anyone, in fact, put up an Albert Einstein/flying pig mashup? is this a thing? Continue reading

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S.P. Woodstock Interlude – The Basset Hound Howls

[so for various reasons, I’m not able to present my day-to-day re-hash of S.P. Woodstock as planned just yet – I’m working on it, really. In any case, that means you can go and check out what’s new on Huffington, or … Continue reading

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Four New(ish) Videos Up

And they’re on my YouTube page. Only one is about Scientology – and it’s a re-make of an older song, with a bit of a story behind it, which involves trolling, alleged butthurt, and a small, non-representational couple members of Anonymous … Continue reading

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He’s single, girls!

A friend of mine is out in the dating scene after a long time. Here’s his profile:   Hey, guys!!! show that you’re all Santa inside! you’ll be sure to catch the eye of your special Ms. Claus (or Mr. … Continue reading

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