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In Defense of De Indies

Those of you who know me are aware I’ve never cracked open a Scientology book, let alone stepped into an Org. The only Hubbard material I’ve read is what I’ve had to read for my job, and as far as … Continue reading

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Word Art!

I know I’ve been neglecting the heck out of this blog, but the Open Minds Website 2.0 is nearly ready for launch and many exciting things are happening. But, because of the relative coolness of my boss, I’m encouraged to … Continue reading

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Illustrations and Good Work

I can’t tell y’all how much it really is satisfying to be doing these illios and blogs, and finding writers, introducing folks to other folks they need to meet, and getting important information to the folks who need it. I’ve connected … Continue reading

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My Top Five List – Dystopian Books

Originally, it was going to be a top ten list. But, as the wit once said: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one.” Writing a Top Five Dystopian Book List, very fun. … Continue reading

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Getting Ahead of the Boss

So one of the really nifty things about le job is that Jon encourages me to make creative and eye-catching illios for his blogs. So for today’s blog on the difference between Freud’s model of the subconscious and the reality … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Up To…

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting the blog. But that’s because the boss has been keeping me up to my ears in work. But what fascinating stuff! Yes, it’s not always the happiest of news, but this stuff needs to be seen, … Continue reading

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Backyard Blog #2 – Remembering Old Friends

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